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PRO Version Shortcode

1. List meeting registrants

This shortcode can be used to list all author meeting list in frontend and to view registrants for those meeting.

Use: [vczapi_pro_author_registrants]

2. Show calendar view

You can find more information for this in PRO version widget documentation..

Use: [vczapi_zoom_calendar author="" show="" calendar_default_view="dayGridMonth" show_calendar_views="yes"]


  • class = Ability to add custom css classes to modify design of calendar
  • author = The user id of an Author, will show only the meetings/webinars of that particular author
  • show = use "meeting" or "webinar" to either show only meetings or only webinars leave empty or do not use if you want to show all.
  • calendar_default_view = options => dayGridMonth,timeGridWeek,timeGridDay,listWeek
  • show_calendar_views = give ability to user to see calendar in different views - default value is "no", use "yes" to show other views