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OAuth Connection

Note: This feature is not yet available on WordPress plugin stable version. It's in development. Please use API Keys Integration section for the moment.

Here below are the steps to integrate Zoom into WordPress using OAuth. There are no complicated processes. Just the basic steps.

Why use this method ? Use thiss because it's the easiet way to connect your Zoom account with your WordPress site.

Check out the video documentation if you want to see live demo.

How to Connect ?

Follow the instructions below to connect using OAuth:

  1. Go to Dashboard->Zoom Meeting->Settings* and check the Oauth radiobox in *Connection Options

    OAuth setting

  2. Then click Connect Zoom button. You will be redirected to signin page in Zoom.

  3. After signing in, you are asked to authorize CodeManas's Integration for WordPress app to use your information on your account.

    Below are the access you will be providing the app:

    • View all user meetings
    • View and manage all user meetings
    • View all user information
    • View and manage all users

    OAuth Authorize

  4. After you are authorized, you will be redirected to the setting page on your Dashboard. Then click "Save Changes" button to save the authorization code.

Note: It's quite important that you click "Save Changes" button after redirection.

Then you are good to go!!! You can create Zoom meetings from your WordPress Dashboard easily.