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Join via Browser

This plugin allows you to easily join your meetings using join links from frontend page.

Browser join image

Check this post as well to know more on direct browser join feature

Join links allow users to join meetings easily from frontend. Check below screenshot on how its used in this plugin.

Join Links Page

If you do not want to allow users to directly join via browser then you can disable that link from your posts page like shown in below screenshot.

Disable Join Links

Browser Compatiblity

Table is copied from Zoom official directly !

Feature Chrome firefox Safari Edge IE >=11 Opera Vivaldi Edge(Chromium)
Video yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes
Computer Audio yes only linux no no no no yes yes
View Sharing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Screen Sharing >=72 >=66 no >=17 no no yes yes
Chat yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Not working ?

  1. You'll need to have SSL enabled for this feature to work.
  2. New version of Zoom WebSDK adds re-captcha. Please check if your browser is not blocking any popups when joining meeting via browser.

Loading CDN Resources

From plugin version 3.6.2 users can now decide to load the webSDK resources directly from Zoom CDN.

To do this add below code to your config.php file.

define('VCZAPI_STATIC_CDN', true);

If incase, there is problem loading your join via browser page when using CDN. You can change the "true" value to "false".