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API Keys Integration

Here below are the steps to integrate zoom plugin into WordPress. There are no complicated processes. Just the basic steps.

Check out the video documentation if you want to see live demo.

NOTE: if you recently getting an error called "API_CREDENTIALS_NOT_FOUDN" this is an error from zoom side. Please contact zoom support in this case.

Generating API keys and Secret Keys

For this plugin you’ll be using JWT token method to make the API connection. Please note, this method is only account level connection.

First Step ( Choost App )

  1. First goto Create Page

  2. Click on Develop on top of the page and build app page if you directly did not go into Create Page

  3. Click JWT and "Create"

Second Step ( Get keys )

  1. On the next screen you should see Information, App Credentials, Feature and Activation menus

  2. Fill in your basic information about the App.

  3. On the Credentials Page. Copy both API key and API Secret after you have filled all the details in information page.

Copying into the plugin

Now, copy these credentials and go into WordPress Zoom Meetings settings page.

Click on Check API connection button to check if your API connection is good !